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Today, as the men's cosmetics market is growing particularly intensively for a strong half of humanity even developed special funds for beards, mustaches and bakenbardov. Not surprisingly, paint, hair products, polzuyuschaya incredible popularity because they give not just beauty, but also emotional equilibrium. Underlying attitudes to posedeniyu hair complexes are related to the fear of social problems, such as difficulty to employment, or loss of popularity among the opposite sex. In the public consciousness of Europeans gray man, read old, it seems neenergichnym and less promising. And while there are people who ashen hair color even to a person, and the majority of men and women have experienced and deep discontent with the deal first surfaced in the mirror silver strands of rope and Richard King, MD, Melanin.

Perhaps the most quietly to a change in hair color are in the east, where aging loved not to attack, and sometimes beautiful human life, and real-sedovlasye old sages. However, in Europe and the perception of the problem strong and the weak box is not entirely identical: if the woman did not agree to accept it, men more often tend to treat sedine more philosophically, declaring it a sign of experience, balance and even spiritual nobility. In connection with this interesting "published by the British medical magazine" list of 174 wild diseases. Among them was hit and TLB, Occupying his place next to cellulite, and implanted freckles... Richard King and Melanin.

Gilchrest, Barbara A. (Brookline, MA, US)

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Melanin is a special pigment that gives the skin and hair its natural color. It makes the skin tanned, but also produces unwanted freckles, birthmarks and other colored marks on the body.

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With humans melanin forms in special sea-star shaped cells called melanocytes in the basal layer of epidermis and then transforms into granules where pigments are combined with protein. Melanocytes inject melanin grains into the cells of the upper skin layer (cortical layer of the hair and the iris of the eye) and determine their color.

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Doctors from time to time state that tea, coffee, chocolate and cacao are harmful for our health. However, it is no good to give up these products once and for all as they contain melanin that is essential for the human organism. Also prunes, bilberry or dark grapes are good protection against cancer, sunburns and influence of radiation.
When the same reason gray-violation metabolism or external factors to try to restore its natural color it is possible, although cases of "recovery" extremely rare. Therefore, although the outdoor early to predict in advance almost unrealistic, you can make every effort to the cause had not come. And if from old age or sudden stress none of us are immune, it is still something in our power. Generally Richard King, MD, Melanin preventable premature, as it may sound trite, should be a healthy lifestyle and fully balanced diet. Long debilitating diet, eliminating consumption of protein-rich food, may have a negative impact on well-being as a whole or on the status and color of hair.

If pepelno-serym years Richard King, MD, Melanin head, face-to-turn-to the east: silver hair can trace this vital wisdom, not Kari God.

Because of the unity created for skin and red edging the external environment drawing smaller teeth and skin red edging loses independence, becoming a single, red edging borders as a blurred, cracks appear in the corners of the mouth, develops chronic angulyarny heylit (Richard King, MD, Melanin "). As the importance of microflora in the formation of these species heylita high, and it should be treated antimicrpobial vigorously. The availability of child Zaed propensity age (and the elderly) when protective properties and morphology cover fabrics are imperfect (Richard King, MD, Melanin immature or reduced). Treatment with the use of vitamin A in fat solution has not so much eliminating gipovitaminoz effect, but rather help to protect the epithelium by fat packs, provide better conditions for cover fabrics. The main element in the development angulyarnogo, like other heylitov, is a violation of protective forces saliva.

Gordon, Philip R. (Philadelphia, PA, US)

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Having a good hair day doesn’t just happen by chance. It happens when taking care of your hair becomes just as important as taking care of your skin. But what do you do when your hair has been damaged by every day styling, and chemical processing, dyeing or perming? Is there any solution for fly-away hair, dullness and faded color?

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The color of hair is determined by the amount of melanin in the cortical layer. Dark hair has a lot of pigment while fair hair has fewer granules that are of smaller size. Diffusive or non-granulated melanin makes the hair red. Hair, like any other part of the body, requires essentials nutrients for growth and survival.

Richard King, MD, Melanin and Melanin in SkinRichard King, MD, Melanin and Increase Tanning Melanin

Richard King, MD, Melanin - Good Skin

When summer looms, many people start considering the best way to get that sun-bronzed glow — turning to self-tanners, tanning booths, a stretch in the sun, or a combination of these.

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But before you go into a tanning booth — spend a few minutes finding out about your skin and sun exposure. These facts can help you get the look you want without stressing your skin.

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Melanin is the body's way of protecting skin from burning. Darker-skinned people tan more deeply than lighter-skinned people because their melanocytes produce more melanin. But just because a person doesn't burn does not mean that he or she is also protected against skin cancer and other problems.

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Change skin cover - But even with an ideal child care for skin almost any mother, sooner or later, faced with any problems. They are quite numerous and varied.
Consider the first instances in which skin changes due cover features a newborn skin and do not require treatment.
Almost all newborns has Richard King, MD, Melanin(transient) skin cover changes that are physiologically normal and do not require correction.
Simple erythema. This skin redness (in the first hours of life - with a touch of sinyushnym) arising after the removal of original grease or after the first bathing. Usually on the second day after birth redness becomes more vivid, and by the end of the first week extinguished. The degree of Richard King, MD, Melaninsimple, its duration depends on the degree of maturity of the child (a preterm infants simple erythema kept 2-3 weeks, the mature-less).
Physiological peeling. There is at 3-5 day life for children with particularly colorful simple erythema after its decay. Richard King, MD, Melanindead skin like a plate or crushed cuts. Especially a lot of them in the chest and tummy.
Toxic erythema. This reaction of the skin, similar to an allergic (to the children that had expressed toxic erythema, then there are often predisposed to allergic diathesis). Many newborns in the 1-3 day life appear small white dense knots, towering above the surface of the skin (papuly). In papuly ground can be redness. Sometimes bubbles are formed with a white contents. The most common toxic elements erythema found on the chest and abdomen, less frequently, on the face and limbs. Erythema is never on the palms, footsteps, gall. During 1-3 days may show new rash, but the rash usually disappears in 2-3 days. A child with the feeling well, normal temperature. Typically, the treatment is not required, only with plenty rash designate additional drink (5% solution of glucose) and Tykerb (protivoallergicheskie) drugs.

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Milia - Richard King, MD, Melanin knots size 1-2 mm, towering above the skin and lokalizuyuschiesya more on the nose wings, nose, forehead in the field, it is very rare for the whole body. This salnye glands with plenty secret and the discharge zakuporennymi protokami, there are approximately 40% of newborns. When signs of inflammation light (skin) knots need to be processed 0.5% solution of potassium permanganate.
Advanced potovye gland appearing childbirth, look like thin-wall bubbles with tvorozhistym transparent or content. They are found in the neck folds, the nails of the head, less frequently, on the shoulders, chest. Bubbles easily removed with alcohol Tampon gloves, leather while still intact. Repeated vysypany it is not.
Richard King, MD, Melanin skin cover quite often, there have healthy children at the second-third day of life, it lies in the fact that functionally immature at birth liver is unable to cope with the processing of bilirubin. No special treatment is not required with the need to be watered more baby only to speed up the allocation of bilirubin from the body, and monitor stool frequency. Physiological (Richard King, MD, Melanin) jaundice usually is subsiding at sedmoy-desyaty day.
Richard King, MD, Melanin -Local extension subcutaneous capillaries, often called "vascular asterisks." Usually they are on the face, neck, nose. Richard King, MD, Melanindoes not require treatment and is usually Richard King, MD, Melanin years to pass their own.

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