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Melanin Sunglasses - The arguments are simple-people can look at the open sun. Under the action of sunlight occurs defeat photosensitive eye retina.

This can lead to cataract disease. In order not to harm the eyes, with the sun shining and you want to read in the sun glasses. It protects against premature wrinkles, which are called "Melanin Sunglasses foot."

They are formed in the corners of the eyes when people schuritsya in the sun. More recently, there is another problem, "given" our civilization: the destruction of the ozone layer because ultraviolet radiation has been particularly harmful, and not just for the skin, but, of course, and for the eyes. Points with the latest generation of lenses containing melanine have integrated therapeutic effect, protecting against ultraviolet radiation they absorb a portion of the visible spectrum, depending on the degree of threat to the view and Melanin Sunglasses.

So, before wear glasses, they need to choose the right... Melanin Sunglasses. What you need to know, not to buy a forgery?

Gilchrest, Barbara A. (Brookline, MA, US)

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Melanin is a special pigment that gives the skin and hair its natural color. It makes the skin tanned, but also produces unwanted freckles, birthmarks and other colored marks on the body.

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With humans melanin forms in special sea-star shaped cells called melanocytes in the basal layer of epidermis and then transforms into granules where pigments are combined with protein. Melanocytes inject melanin grains into the cells of the upper skin layer (cortical layer of the hair and the iris of the eye) and determine their color.

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Doctors from time to time state that tea, coffee, chocolate and cacao are harmful for our health. However, it is no good to give up these products once and for all as they contain melanin that is essential for the human organism. Also prunes, bilberry or dark grapes are good protection against cancer, sunburns and influence of radiation.
What you need to know, not to buy a forgery?
• Points should not miss more than 50% of light. Previously, it was thought that it was better to buy glasses with glasses. By plastics were cautious because it was painted unevenly, but it is also Melanin Sunglasses eyesight. But now the level of production of plastics is so high that the problem virtually non-existent and Melanin Sunglasses.
• Another important point: almost all the glasses protect the eyes of the world, but not all of them from ultraviolet radiation. The most effective protection against UV light considered Melanin Sunglasses and glasses with dark lenses. The special lens coatings allow enough light, but at the same time reflect ultraviolet rays. This talk and stickers reading "UV 400", which means unbreakable defense.
• About points under the European Economic Community standards demonstrates the "SE". In the passport must be stated that the points correspond to the standard N 1836.
• The fact that glasses can absorbing glare of reflecting surfaces, shows the inscription "glare protection."
• The frames next to the name indicates the country of collections. Should stand inscription "Made in Italy". If written or frame design in front of you - is likely to forgery.
• All labels easily, so buying glasses, should ask for a certificate.
• There are special devices that show the degree of bandwidth or UV light. If the tester lights up green light, or the value is zero, then the protection provided.
• To avoid allergy occurred in the place of touch frames, invented Melanin Sunglasses cover. Therefore all Melanin Sunglasses (but not only them) make better use of glasses, in this coating (they also receive a certificate).

Melanin Sunglasses and Melanin Lenses for glasses are made of polycarbonate most often of high quality, except it still uses glass lenses. Polycarbonate lenses provide protection against ultraviolet rays, even if they do not have a special coating.

Some even come with a lens melanin. Melanin is part of our skin and protects it from burns. In the same way, act melanin, which is composed of lenses, but here it protects the eye. Unlike the sun with a lens cover melanin not distort colors. There polarization lens. They exclude FlareFX from smooth surfaces. For example, from the water or snow.

Melanin Sunglasses lenses Melanin Sunglasses variable light, they are called chameleon. Such lenses routinely replace several pairs of glasses, as they can be with the sun shining in Melanin Sunglasses weather, and even while in the room, you can see a clear undistorted image.

Gordon, Philip R. (Philadelphia, PA, US)

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Melanin Sunglasses and Increasing MelaninMelanin Sunglasses and Melanin in the Hair

Melanin Sunglasses - Good Hair

Having a good hair day doesn’t just happen by chance. It happens when taking care of your hair becomes just as important as taking care of your skin. But what do you do when your hair has been damaged by every day styling, and chemical processing, dyeing or perming? Is there any solution for fly-away hair, dullness and faded color?

Melanin Sunglasses - Science view

The color of hair is determined by the amount of melanin in the cortical layer. Dark hair has a lot of pigment while fair hair has fewer granules that are of smaller size. Diffusive or non-granulated melanin makes the hair red. Hair, like any other part of the body, requires essentials nutrients for growth and survival.

Melanin Sunglasses and Melanin in SkinMelanin Sunglasses and Increase Tanning Melanin

Melanin Sunglasses - Good Skin

When summer looms, many people start considering the best way to get that sun-bronzed glow — turning to self-tanners, tanning booths, a stretch in the sun, or a combination of these.

Melanin Sunglasses - Science view

But before you go into a tanning booth — spend a few minutes finding out about your skin and sun exposure. These facts can help you get the look you want without stressing your skin.

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Melanin is the body's way of protecting skin from burning. Darker-skinned people tan more deeply than lighter-skinned people because their melanocytes produce more melanin. But just because a person doesn't burn does not mean that he or she is also protected against skin cancer and other problems.

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In particular, John Young, in his article presented results of a study conducted at the airport Nyu-Ingland (New England, USA), in order to clarify how the yellow lenses improve clarity and contrast of view in the management of aircraft pilots in the face of light mist or haze. Pilots were asked to consider remote sites in the hot July day when the air was present in the light haze.

The result did not show any difference in Melanin Sunglasses objects in the points with yellow lenses, and without them, in fact, one of participating in the study stated that the points it worse differentiates small details. Thus, when wearing glasses with short-cutting filters must take into account the specific situation and compare how the increase because of the contrast cutting Melanin Sunglasses part of the spectrum is opposed to 10-15% st reduce total luminous flux reaching the user's eye glasses.

As to the withdrawal of the above information, it can be concluded that the colored lenses can be successfully applied to a range of activities, increasing the contrast of view and effectiveness of the work, but the lens of color will not be equally suitable for all types of occupations.

Many foreign experts believe that in the very near future sports lenses could become the most actively growing product, and sports glasses become fashionable and useful attribute. Users glasses involved in sports at the professional and amateur level, feel their performance, and will gladly buy glasses for sports with special corrective lenses as an additional second or third pair. We hope that the expectations of experts and true to our country.

Melanin Sunglasses - More Details

Think about what you've read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Melanin Sunglasses? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs about Melanin Sunglasses?

Melanin Sunglasses - Science view

Points for people prefer an active life is not a sport because they do not have all the characteristics of sports glasses. But they conveniently drive, or even a motorcycle. They are usually adjacent forms, including frames, which sits "firmly" on the face. Implemented such glasses of polycarbonate.

Sports sunglasses designed for several multiple sports. Melanin Sunglasses nose, specific frames and lenses that can expand the boundaries of the visible through the glasses. Characteristic for the construction of a special sports glasses, in which even during strong blows, shaking glasses can remain on the face and did not injure athlete.

Melanin Sunglasses have increased protection against attacks and clashes. More often than not, their command athletes prefer sports such as football, hockey. Recent technology allowed Melanin Sunglasses produce, which are easily scarf over corrective glasses.

Melanin Sunglasses exist not only on impact, but the impact of natural elements-water, air, wind, etc. They used parachutist, Melanin Sunglasses, frogmen, lovers of skiing at the mountain and water skiing.

If you decide to buy sports glasses, it draws attention to their frames. It should be made of Kevlar. This is the most durable material. It makes him a flak jackets and helmets. Kevlar has high strength and flexibility at the same time. Besides him, in the production of sport glasses using titanium, steel, copper, plastic. Recently acquired popularity glasses with plastic frames, combined with the metal. Pay attention to the material from which made Melanin Sunglasseson points. This is the most suitable and silicone rubber.

All sports have modified Melanin Sunglasses. It is a two paws, which help glasses sit at the bow. Because of his mobility (Melanin Sunglasses) they take the form of nose rights and well-located on the face. This is one of the main features of sports glasses.

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