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With dyes rights? Melanine! Fill this gap same, describing the special pigment-melanine, because, mainly, it determines the color of our skin, hair and even eye. He gives us cherished as a tan or unwanted freckles, birthmarks and other color marks on the body and Melanin Pigment.

Black Label-Zagadochny melanine (from the Greek. Mélas, imperfective case mélanos-black), but a mist amorphous polymer compounds okrashivayuschaya tissues of animals, plants, fungi and even micro-organisms. Despite the speaker's name, melanine is different colors: black-eumelanin, fakomelanin-brown, yellow-feomelanin. These melanin determine dark color beans and grape pits, forcing banana brown rind and purified potatoes blacken; wings painted a variety of insects, fish bones and cuttlefish ink, colored sponges attached to the characteristics and delicious iron and tryufelyu and Melanin Pigment.

Melaninov addition, the color also influence:

* reconstructed hemoglobin-blue skin attached, even sinyushny shade;
* hemoglobin oksigenizirovanny-attached skin red tint;
* attach to the skin carotenoids-yellow / orange tint.

Gilchrest, Barbara A. (Brookline, MA, US)

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Melanin is a special pigment that gives the skin and hair its natural color. It makes the skin tanned, but also produces unwanted freckles, birthmarks and other colored marks on the body.

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With humans melanin forms in special sea-star shaped cells called melanocytes in the basal layer of epidermis and then transforms into granules where pigments are combined with protein. Melanocytes inject melanin grains into the cells of the upper skin layer (cortical layer of the hair and the iris of the eye) and determine their color.

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Doctors from time to time state that tea, coffee, chocolate and cacao are harmful for our health. However, it is no good to give up these products once and for all as they contain melanin that is essential for the human organism. Also prunes, bilberry or dark grapes are good protection against cancer, sunburns and influence of radiation.
Gently, colored!

Melanine occurs in the skin, mainly on sun, and its main function is considered just protecting tissues from dangerous ultraviolet rays. All our favorite tanning is a natural shield against radiation hard. It is therefore not surprising that in some parts of the world, where the star by the name of Sun the most active people acquired a peculiar "perpetual tan" transmitted to descendants. If the peoples of Europe svetlokozhih epidermis occur in isolated melanin granules, the Blacks from Africa, Papuans, Melanesians, or, say, Australians everywhere he filled them. A dark-skinned people even have dark lips, sinevaty, shade because of the presence of melanin in mucous, which have svetlokozhih pigment naproch denied... Melanin Pigment.

Hair color is determined by the number of melanin in the cortex layer. In a lot of dark pigment, it can penetrate even in the heart of the hair. In light granules are not only smaller, but they are smaller in size, and the diffuse (negranulirovanny) melanine attached hair red tint... Melanin Pigment.

Eye color of the iris, too, depends on the amount of melanin and depth of its location. If pigment found only in the fourth and fifth layers, it is colorless prosvechivaya through layers of the iris, it attaches to the eyes blue or blue color. If there is a melanine and in the front sections, the eyes will be yellow or brown. If the front segments of the iris melanine distributed unevenly, the eyes are zhelto-kare-golubymi, gray or green... Melanin Pigment.

In addition to colored people come in and the person in the true sense of the word - a colorless albinos (English-white albus). These are people with a hereditary violation: their melanin biosynthesis simply is not the case. Because of this, most albinos are not only very sensitive to the sun, but also have problems with eyesight and hearing and different immunosuppressed.

Gordon, Philip R. (Philadelphia, PA, US)

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Melanin Pigment and Increasing MelaninMelanin Pigment and Melanin in the Hair

Melanin Pigment - Good Hair

Having a good hair day doesn’t just happen by chance. It happens when taking care of your hair becomes just as important as taking care of your skin. But what do you do when your hair has been damaged by every day styling, and chemical processing, dyeing or perming? Is there any solution for fly-away hair, dullness and faded color?

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The color of hair is determined by the amount of melanin in the cortical layer. Dark hair has a lot of pigment while fair hair has fewer granules that are of smaller size. Diffusive or non-granulated melanin makes the hair red. Hair, like any other part of the body, requires essentials nutrients for growth and survival.

Melanin Pigment and Melanin in SkinMelanin Pigment and Increase Tanning Melanin

Melanin Pigment - Good Skin

When summer looms, many people start considering the best way to get that sun-bronzed glow — turning to self-tanners, tanning booths, a stretch in the sun, or a combination of these.

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But before you go into a tanning booth — spend a few minutes finding out about your skin and sun exposure. These facts can help you get the look you want without stressing your skin.

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Melanin is the body's way of protecting skin from burning. Darker-skinned people tan more deeply than lighter-skinned people because their melanocytes produce more melanin. But just because a person doesn't burn does not mean that he or she is also protected against skin cancer and other problems.

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In humans, as in other vertebrates, melanin formed in special, like sea stars, melanotsitah-cells located in the basal layer of epidermis, and put in the form of granules, which are related to protein pigments. Melanotsity through their sprouts containing melanin grains in the top layer of skin cells (cerebral layer of hair, eye iris), and determines its color.

It is believed that the complex process of melanin begins with the oxidation of the amino acid tirozina (it is always nice in the body) under the influence of a special enzyme tirozinazy. (However, some researchers believe that melanine can form without the participation of enzymes). As a result, first formed digidroksifenilalanin amino acids, or DOFA (predecessor adrenaline), and then DOFA molecules, in turn, oxidizing, and after a number of complex transformations we get melanine. The whole process is governed by special (melanotsitstimuliruyuschimi) pituitary hormones.

Ever since ancient times, people had attached great importance to their hair, seeing in them, depending on their condition, or a source of beauty, or cause of the failures of life. With hair associate the values of identity, strength, identity and independence. And today, in order to give the image of its unique style, people around the world are doing with their relentless hair a variety of manipulation: raschesyvayut, shaved, hair, zavivayut, vypryamlyayut cover varnish and other cosmetics.

Hair is vivid illustration of the incredible diversity of the people who inhabit our planet. For example, a bundle of hair on the crown champion Sumo is so closely associated with his sports activities, which solemnly cut when the fighter ends his career. In Cambodia, the bride and groom traditionally make special haircuts, so that the impact of newlyweds evil forces. In Malaysia, men are prohibited by law wear long hair, but in the Indian state of Punjab, on the contrary, the death penalty a man with a neat short haircut... Melanin Pigment.

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Think about what you've read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Melanin Pigment? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs about Melanin Pigment?

Melanin Pigment - Science view

Melanins negatively charged, hydrophobic pigments high molecular weight, which are composed of polymerized phenolic and / or indolic compounds. Melanins made organisms in all kingdoms of life, including a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and helminths. Remarkably little is known about the structure of melanins, despite their abundance in the global biomass. This is due to the inability of the current biochemical and biophysical methods give final chemical structure, because these complex amorphous polymers are insurmountable, and not any solution or crystallographic structural studies. Accordingly, our information on the structure of melanin stems from the analysis of their products, and spectroscopic analysis of melanin polymers. Characteristically, melanins are dark color, insoluble in water or organic liquids, resistant to acid concentration and prone to bleaching in oxidizing agents. Methods partial degradation of the chemical melanin followed by high-pressure liquid chromatographic microanalysis were designed and useful to describe specific types of melanin. The operational definition for the pigment melanin as may be provided by electron spin resonance characteristics, as these unique pigments are sustainable organic free radicals... Melanin Pigment.

Many different functions have been attributed melanins. Melanins can serve as power converters and affect cellular integrity. Melanin is also used to display sexual and camouflage. For example, the color of black and red hair arises from the melanin. An example in which melanin is used to disguise the release of ink break melanin particles in Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis), in response to the threat. Melanin is playing an important role in the innate immune system of insects that damage to the synthesis of polymers and entomb microbes miscreants. In insects, invading microbes activate prophenoloxidase in the hemolymph, as a result of the encasement of bacterial, protozoal or fungal pathogen in melanin. Melanins melanocytes in the skin, provide protection against sunlight, and believed to contribute to the resistance of melanoma to therapeutic radiation. The role of melanin in the other cases is uncertain, as melanin in the neurons in the substantia nigra in the human brain and Melanin Pigment.

In mammals, is a catalyst for the synthesis of melanin in tyrosinase. Unlike microbes as melanin synthesis through various phenoloxidases (such as tyrosinases, or laccases catacholases) and / or ways polyketide synthase. Melanins using 3,4 - dihydroxyphenyalanine (DOPA) in phenoloxidases called eumelanins who are black or brown. The yellow or reddish called melanins pheomelanins and include cysteine with DOPA. Brownish melanins from homogentisic acid called tyrosinases pyomelanins (144). Melanins acetate is formed from the way through the polyketide synthase, usually black or brown and are called dihydroxynaphthalene melanins and Melanin Pigment.

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