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Their wide range of hair colors, from the light to Melanin Conditions mainly to two pigments: cherno-korichnevym melanin and Melanin Conditions which differ size granules. Both synthesized in melanotsitah pigment in hair lukovitse sosochkom over. Melanotsity produce pigment only rows of hair growth phase, the activity is reflected in the presence of specific organelles, and Melanin Conditions, structurally diverse education eumelanina or feomelanina. Virtually the entire focus of melanin hair hair rods. A small percentage of melanin found in the upper third of Melanin Conditions epithelium. Hair color is determined genetically, it is proving a different hair color from people of different races, it is also influenced by endocrine factors. Variations in color, shades of hair depends on the colors, or a combination of both by the presence of only one of them, as well as the refraction of light. Ultrastruktura hair different colors varies by the number, shape and extent melanizatsii eumelanosom feomelanosom or, in their distribution in the cytoplasm keratinotsitov. In black hair contains a large number of mature shoebox melanosom (eumelanosom). It melanotsitov in lukovitse the same as a svetlovolosyh people, but they are bigger and generate more eumelanina.

The bright coloring hair due to the predominance of round Melanin Conditions located in small groups in cells sugary crust layer. In addition, light hair tend to be more subtle and often do not contain brain substance.

Ryzhie hair contain lukovichnyh melanotsitah only Melanin Conditions that fall into surrounding keratinotsity melanizatsii at terminal stages. Ryzhie most hair-thick. Geterohromiya-growth hair different colors in different sections of the skin from the same person, for example, the dark hair on their heads and hair-on beard and usah.

As we said, melanin found not only in hair but in the skin. Leather people differ on melanin blood supply and distribution, as well as the ability to produce melanine. Thomas Fitzpatrick developed a classification of skin types based on the ability of the skin to UV rays are responsible (Table 1). The same classification is used to predict the outcome Melanin Conditions and light when choosing a source of radiation.

Gilchrest, Barbara A. (Brookline, MA, US)

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Melanin is a special pigment that gives the skin and hair its natural color. It makes the skin tanned, but also produces unwanted freckles, birthmarks and other colored marks on the body.

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With humans melanin forms in special sea-star shaped cells called melanocytes in the basal layer of epidermis and then transforms into granules where pigments are combined with protein. Melanocytes inject melanin grains into the cells of the upper skin layer (cortical layer of the hair and the iris of the eye) and determine their color.

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Doctors from time to time state that tea, coffee, chocolate and cacao are harmful for our health. However, it is no good to give up these products once and for all as they contain melanin that is essential for the human organism. Also prunes, bilberry or dark grapes are good protection against cancer, sunburns and influence of radiation.
The next stage of our research and anti-examination Melanin Conditions action melanin, "explains Professor Coast. - was established that it reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol blood during the organism to stress factors varying nature. But the most important achievement, we believe the establishment of melanin Melanin Conditions actions on the model of stomach cancer in rats caused by the prolonged high Melanin Conditions blood as a consequence of the lower digestive juice acidity or her absence.

Model interesting that people like a stomach tumor. Melanin Conditions effect polikarbonovogo compound proved by numerous experiments to study morfo-funktsionalnogo state of the gastric mucosa. This is indeed a promising drug, for its registration as a means antiopuholevogo. But so far, we have begun to examine the effects of melanin neglected forms of cancer.

In the future, researchers want to investigate the microorganisms that produce this very Melanin Conditions complex. First of all, from an environmental point of view. In fact worse than the conditions, the more it is done. If each year, they say, to bring rocks from Antarctica and the sowing of them melanin-Melanin Conditions micro-organisms on the basis of their performance could be the negative changes that occur in nature. At the advent of micro-organisms react to those changes first-melanin synthesis.

Melanin Conditions and promising set for the introduction of agriculture. Student Tatiana Coast Academy of Veterinary Melanin Conditions tried to give the drug to young piglets, a defrocked sows (knowing that under such conditions piglets very sick, and 17 per cent of them die). In one of its farms studied mortality piglets was only 5 percent, in another zero. The same thing happens with calves, poultry. The preparation is quite promising and to reduce morbidity, and to improve the resilience of the body and, by the way, even for the conversion. Note that this is not hormonal drug, but a natural substance and Melanin Conditions.

Gordon, Philip R. (Philadelphia, PA, US)

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Having a good hair day doesn’t just happen by chance. It happens when taking care of your hair becomes just as important as taking care of your skin. But what do you do when your hair has been damaged by every day styling, and chemical processing, dyeing or perming? Is there any solution for fly-away hair, dullness and faded color?

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The color of hair is determined by the amount of melanin in the cortical layer. Dark hair has a lot of pigment while fair hair has fewer granules that are of smaller size. Diffusive or non-granulated melanin makes the hair red. Hair, like any other part of the body, requires essentials nutrients for growth and survival.

Melanin Conditions and Melanin in SkinMelanin Conditions and Increase Tanning Melanin

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When summer looms, many people start considering the best way to get that sun-bronzed glow — turning to self-tanners, tanning booths, a stretch in the sun, or a combination of these.

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But before you go into a tanning booth — spend a few minutes finding out about your skin and sun exposure. These facts can help you get the look you want without stressing your skin.

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Melanin is the body's way of protecting skin from burning. Darker-skinned people tan more deeply than lighter-skinned people because their melanocytes produce more melanin. But just because a person doesn't burn does not mean that he or she is also protected against skin cancer and other problems.

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The activities undertaken by the scientists of Kiev, is unique if only because of the micro-organisms to their Antarctic stones yet nobody Melanin Conditions. Microbiologists as usual on standard operating environments at standard temperature. And, in such circumstances, these little microorganisms growing. As has been said, they Melanin Conditions that melanine beginning to produce in large numbers in adverse conditions. Wednesday should be changed, but the task ahead nor to whom no standing.

From the very Melanin Conditions complex (though extracted from other sources) are working all over the world, continues Tatiana Coast. - For example, it is part of the dry red wine. But our substance, as compared to other more active and stronger. Japanese worked with melanin obtained from the sea cuttlefish ink bags. Melanin Conditions Melanin Conditions drug, created on the basis of melanin, which is found in birch mushroom sponges. But its hard to obtain, in essence, this set contains inside cells. Our "Antarctic microorganisms' cause it outside, on Wednesday cultivation easier than" taking "Melanin Conditions complex and make it cheaper cost.

Today, the amount of funds available for study by scientists Kiev, would not give the possibility to establish a drug, itself, but only to learn its properties. In their view, under favorable conditions, providing funding and the necessary reagents for two or three years you can get a real cure. Note: Melanin Conditions complex, registered in the directory, which gives the company "Sigma" is a synthetic melanin significantly inferior to their properties before the Antarctic. "

Create therapeutic preparation Melanin Conditions in the first place, the dream of Professor Tatiana Coast. It is seen as a set polikarbonovy obtained from the Antarctic species, it really helps to close people living with cancer. It is a pity that designate it as a drug that is not possible yet.

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Think about what you've read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Melanin Conditions? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs about Melanin Conditions?

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It has been shown that sodium nitrite and nitrate in the maximum allowable concentrations have no Melanin Conditions activity from дрозофилы and mice, but also increase the genetic effects of different types of ionizing radiation (X-ray, gamma-neytronnogo). Work VDNKh awarded the Silver Medal of the USSR in the 1989, transferred to Melanin Conditions and served as a basis for reducing the allowable levels of nitrates in agricultural products.

In animal and human cells found that the pesticide has Melanin Conditions effects. When combined with the effects of ionizing radiation reflected antagonism-decreasing frequency of mutations caused by increased loss in cells and organisms. These facts illustrate the danger in the use of agricultural chemicals of contaminated areas.

At mice using pigment melanin first time in world practice shows (in conjunction with the Medical Radiological Scientific Center RAS), the possibility of reducing the genetic effects of chronic exposure to low doses of power. Study radio action melanin also jointly conducted with the University of Naples' Federico? "(Italy) under Grant NATO. Patent Received Russian SU 1787032 AZ with a priority of 6.12.1990 onwards on the use melanin as Melanin Conditions as well as a diploma VOIR a Better formulation aimed at eliminating the consequences of the Chernobyl accident "(1990). A model of clinical trials genoprotektornogo funds on the basis of melanin pigment. In Farmkomitet MOH Belarus passed the necessary documentation for the creation of drugs or food additives melanin to reduce the harmful effects of long-term exposure.

Studied the phenomenon Melanin Conditions response to sexual and somatic cells of mice in vivo. It has been shown that adaptive reactions can be prevented by effective radioprotektora (eg Melanin Conditions or melanin). These data confirm previously discovered in a laboratory phenomenon of declining populations adapt to long exposures in terms of protection and demonstrate the ability Melanin Conditions melanin completely prevent impact on the organism small (10-20 sGr) doses of radiation.

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